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Our Approach

Welcome to Transformative Counseling and Trauma Healing Services. I am a Master’s level, Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC), Nationally Certified Counselor, (NCC) and a trained and experienced EMDR therapist. My education is in trauma, abuse, and deprivation, and my focus is on supporting and guiding clients through their journey of healing and recovery.

We have a team of experienced therapists, all trained in EMDR and DBT, and each with additional areas of expertise including substance abuse, domestic violence, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), and postpartum depression. We work with adults, couples, groups, and adolescents. 

We seek to support clients in developing and strengthening self-regulation skills, to find meaning and self-discovery in their life’s journey, in healing from past wounds or traumatic injury, to increase mindful awareness of the present, and to develop a confident and hope-filled focus on one’s future.

It is a wonderful thing to wake in the morning and look forward to your day, while accepting the ebbs and flows of the human experience. We recognize that suffering and dissatisfaction in the present often accompanies fear and reluctance to move forward. For many, there is the familiarity of pain and a clinging to the known  that can prevent acting on the desire for healing. Change can feel risky. And let's face it, healing is hard work. We are deeply grateful to be able to walk alongside our clients through their healing journey. 

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